Sunday, 25 January 2009


My previous post was an attempt to explain why the blog had not been updated for a few weeks. It turned out that my spanking mojo wasn't actually back at all and is still to return. I will always have a part of me that absolutely loves spanking but I know from experience (after all I am quite old...) that the part of me that goes out and spanks is not always top of my mind.

Work has been pretty hard recently and I know that I will struggle with spanking when I am tired. Maybe it will come back when work calms down?

Thursday, 1 January 2009

It comes and goes

I find that my love of spanking is not a constant. Sure it's always there, yet sometimes it's less important to me than others. I've never quite worked out why I go through these peaks and troughs. It's the same with using spanking bulletin boards - I go through short bursts of using them followed by long bursts of not even logging on.

Anyway, you may guess that I've not been 'into it' for the last couple of months . Hopefully normal service will be resumed for a while now.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Itchy hand

I've got itchy hand syndrome. She wants to be spanked. It's so frustrating we can't meet up!!!! Her punishment book is officially on its second volume - there is quite a backlog including the 12 of the cane punishment for texting while driving.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Look, I admit to being a bit of a perv. I accept that spanking Eliane is not classified as a normal activity (even by Communists). To that end I'd like to introduce you to one of my favourite websites.....


Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Eliane's Punishment Book makes interesting reading. It shows that she has built up a backlog of punishments although she has recently added very little.

I want her to focus on the repeat of the 12-of-the-best. She needs to set a date when she feels she'll be likely to accept the cane in the manner I expect. I appreciate it's a bit like setting an appointment with the dentist. However this dentist will not wait much longer for a date to be set.

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Many of you will have read Eliane's account of her caning. If you haven't it's worth popping over to New to Spanking.

The positive is her acceptance that she had to take 12 of the cane. However I really don't expect to be treated to a young lady hopping around her dining room at every swish. I see the cane as a very English traditional punishment that has ceremony at it's heart. She knows I expect her to remain still yet she made virtually no attempt to do so.

Anyway, rant over. The best solution was to complete the 12 and then tell her she'll have to do it all over again.

Prior to the caning she asked for a warm-up spanking. Personally I think this is just extra punishment but I was hardly going to argue with her - she really has the most gorgeous spankable bottom. I wonder if the pre-caning spanking actually made things worse for her.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Thoughts regarding Eliane's caning

Oliviamanners requested I share my thoughts regarding Eliane's impending caning. She is due to receive 12 strokes of the 18 awarded for texting while driving. You can read the full story on Eliane's blog.

This will be the second time Eliane has received 12 strokes of the cane. I reserve punishments for exceptional circumstances and am surprised that Eliane has earnt two punishments in a short space of time. The term 'surprised' understates it as she is a well-adjusted and sensible person who cares about others.

I can imagine that the anticipation of the second caning is triggering different emotions to her anticipation of the first. Whilst she knew it would hurt I don't think there is any substitute for experience. She absolutely understands that she will have to accept all 12 and understands the rules for the punishment. Briefly these are:
1. She will count the strokes. "One, thank you Sir"etc. I have to say I hate being called Sir. However I think formal counting and thanks for strokes adds a certain something to a caning ritual.
2. She must stay in her position, which will be over the arm of a settee.
3. She must do as I ask immediately and without question, e.g., "skirt up, knickers down and bend over" must be met with immediate compliance.
4. Under no circumstances must her hands move to rub or protect her behind.
5. At the end she will stay in position until told otherwise.

The penalty for ignoring any of these instuctions is at least one additional stroke of the cane up to a maximum of 12 additional strokes (or to the point she is able to take the strokes).

Olivia specifically asked about how I feel prior to the caning. I absolutely believe she deserves this punishment (and the 6 additional strokes I will still owe her), and have no compunction in carrying out a hard caning. I respect Eliane for accepting that she deserves this and accepting that, given her relationship with me, it is an appropriate punishment.

I am looking forward to caning her. I like formal discipline and particularly like using the cane. I've always associated discipline with the cane in particular and therefore value Eliane's acceptance that she occasionally deserves it. I think that I would struggle to be with someone who didn't accept my right to award the cane when it was deserved or agree to use the cane in play sessions occasionally.

I take the responsibility for a safe caning seriously and therefore will think through how I will cane her prior to arriving at the venue. For example one aspect I'm considering is whether to give the first or second six strokes quickly with little time gap between strokes. As I'm sure readers are aware this will intensify the discomfort Eliane feels and also make it more difficult for her to remain in position as instructed. I wouldn't want to just turn up and decide on the spot albeit it is important to adapt to how well she is taking the punishment. After all I recognise that this type of punishment could have a negative effect on her enjoyment of our relationship if handled poorly.